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5ème Enquête - instructions pour remplir le questionnaire


>> Please note that we might send out the survey to a few academic senior leaders in each institution. However, we need only one answer per institution. Therefore, we invite you to consult with your colleagues to gather the necessary information before fill replying to the online questionnaire.

>>Before completing the survey, make sure you have collected all necessary information to reply to all questions ; you can download the questionnaire in pdf format in order to collect all the necessary data prior to completing the online questionnaire ;

>> Once you have gathered all the necessary information, it will take you 30 minutes to complete the online questionnaire.

>> The collection of data will require consultation at your institution, the time to complete this process depends from one institution to another.

>> To support you in your responses, we have prepared a compilation of definitions of terms used in the questionnaire.

Note that all responses and data collected will be treated anonymously.

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