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List of past events

IAU has been convening higher education representatives since its founding General Conference in Nice, France in 1950. The events’ format has changed over the years while pursuing the same objective of sharing experiences and higher education values.

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  • The Role of Universities in the Transition from Traditional to Modern Societies and The Internationalization of Higher Education
    First Round Table

  • Higher Education at the Approach of the Twenty-First Century
    IAU 6th General Conference

  • A Critical Approach to Inter-University Cooperation
    Third IAU Seminar

  • The Social Responsibility of the University in Asian Countries - Obligations and Responsibilities
    Second IAU Seminar

  • Problems of Integrated Higher Education
    First IAU Seminar

  • International University Cooperation
    IAU 5th General Conference

  • Access to Higher Education
    IAU 4th General Conference

  • Some Economic Aspects of Educational Development in Europe

  • The Interplay of Scientific and Cultural Values
    IAU 3rd General Conference

  • The Role of Universities in the Rapidly-evolving Society, with special Reference to the General and Professional Education of Teachers, Research Workers in the Natural Sciences, and Leaders in National Life
    IAU 2nd General Conference

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