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List of past events

IAU has been convening higher education representatives since its founding General Conference in Nice, France in 1950. The events’ format has changed over the years while pursuing the same objective of sharing experiences and higher education values.

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  • Second Consultation between IAU and its Associate Members

  • Consultation of University Leaders on UNESCO’s Mission and Future Activities

  • International University Cooperation. A Critical Analysis: Failures, Successes, Perspectives
    Second Mid-Term Conference

  • Access to Higher Education

  • The Role of Higher Education in National Development
    Sixth Round Table

  • The Contribution of Universities to Conflict Resolutions and Education for Peace

  • IAU and the Concept of Universality. IAU Consequences for Cooperation with its Associate Members
    First Consultation Between IAU and its Associate Members

  • The International Responsibilities of Universities
    IAU 8th General Conference

  • The Future of University Education
    First Mid-Term Conference

  • Universities and Environmental Education
    UNESCO/IAU Joint Research Programme Seminar

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