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List of past events

IAU has been convening higher education representatives since its founding General Conference in Nice, France in 1950. The events’ format has changed over the years while pursuing the same objective of sharing experiences and higher education values.

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  • Transforming higher education for the future
    IAU 2019 International Conference and GMA

  • Higher Education Partnerships for Societal Impact
    IAU 2018 International Conference

  • Higher Education: A catalyst for innovative and sustainable societies
    General Conference

  • Leadership for a changing public-private higher education funding landscape

  • Internationalization of Higher Education: Moving beyond mobility
    IAU 2015 International Conference

  • Social innovation: challenges and prospects for higher education
    Global meeting of Associations (GMA VI)

  • Blending Higher Education and Traditional Knowledge for Sustainable Development
    IAU 2014 International Conference

  • Institutional Diversity in Higher Education: Advantage or Threat for Associations?
    Global meeting of Associations (GMA V)

  • Higher Education and the Global Agenda – Alternative Paths to the Future
    IAU 14th General Conference

  • Strategies for Securing Equity in Access and Success in Higher Education
    IAU 2011 International Conference

  • Internationalization of Higher Education: New Players, New Approaches
    Global meeting of Associations (GMA IV)

  • Ethics and Values in Higher Education in the Era of Globalization: What Role for the Disciplines?
    IAU 2010 International Conference

  • The Role of Higher Education in Fostering the Culture of Dialogue and Understanding
    IAU 2009 International Conference

  • Associations, Networks, Alliances etc.: Making Sense of the Emerging Global Higher Education Landscape
    Global meeting of Associations (GMA III)

  • Higher Education and Research Addressing Local and Global Needs
    IAU 13th General Conference

  • Knowledge and Relevant Human Resource Development
    IAU 2007 International Conference (held in conjunction with the Global Higher Education Forum Malaysia(GHEF)

  • The Role of associations in enhancing quality of higher education at home and abroad
    Global meeting of Associations (GMA II)

  • Internationalization of Higher Education: New Directions, New Challenges
    IAU 2006 International Conference (held in conjunction with the China Annual Conference for International Education (CEAIE))

  • Sharing Quality Higher Education Across Borders: The Role of Associations and Institutions
    IAU 2005 International Conference

  • Sharing Quality Higher Education Across Borders: Role of Associations and Institutions
    Global meeting of Associations (GMA I)

  • The Wealth and Diversity: The Role of Universities in Promoting Dialogue and Development
    IAU 12th General Conference

  • Education for a Sustainable Future
    IAU 2003 International Conference

  • Women and Leadership in Higher Education-How Thick is the Glass Ceiling?
    IAU/IAUP International Seminar

  • Globalisation: What Issues are at Stake for Universities?

  • Internationalisation of Higher Education: Policy and Practice
    IAU 2002 International Conference

  • Academic Freedom and University Autonomy
    Regional Meeting

  • Universities: Gateway to the Future
    IAU 11th General Conference

  • Universities Responsibilities to Society
    Fourth Mid-Term Conference

  • The Role of International Organizations in Higher Education
    Eleventh Round Table

  • Academic Freedom and University Autonomy

  • Global Civilization and Cultural Roots: Bridging the Gap – The Place of International University Cooperation
    IAU 10th General Conference

  • International Cooperation in Higher Education and the Universities in Latin America
    Tenth Round Table

  • Migration of Brains: International Cooperation and the Mobility of Highly Qualified Manpower
    Regional Meeting

  • The Role of Universities in the 21st Century
    Ninth Round Table

  • The European Challenge: The Implications of European Integration for International Collaboration between Universities

  • Adaptation of University Management Structures and Strategies for New Requirements
    Third Mid-Term Conference

  • The Meeting of Cultures: The Latin American Universities in a Global Knowledge Network

  • Creating a Common Future: University Action for Sustainable Development

  • Towards a Long Term Strategy for Financing Higher Education and Research in Developing Countries
    Eight Round Table

  • Third Consultation Between IAU and its Associate Members

  • Universality, Diversity, Interdependence: the Missions of the University
    IAU 9th General Conference

  • The Responsibility of Universities for Exceptionally Gifted Students
    Seventh Round Table

  • Second Consultation between IAU and its Associate Members

  • Consultation of University Leaders on UNESCO’s Mission and Future Activities

  • International University Cooperation. A Critical Analysis: Failures, Successes, Perspectives
    Second Mid-Term Conference

  • Access to Higher Education

  • The Role of Higher Education in National Development
    Sixth Round Table

  • The Contribution of Universities to Conflict Resolutions and Education for Peace

  • IAU and the Concept of Universality. IAU Consequences for Cooperation with its Associate Members
    First Consultation Between IAU and its Associate Members

  • The International Responsibilities of Universities
    IAU 8th General Conference

  • The Future of University Education
    First Mid-Term Conference

  • Universities and Environmental Education
    UNESCO/IAU Joint Research Programme Seminar

  • Contemporary Scientific and Technological Changes: Their Impact on the Humanities in University Education
    Seventh IAU Seminar

  • Education – An Essential Ingredient of Development and the Corner-Stone of a Just Society
    Fourth Round Table

  • The Special Role of Universities in the Development of International Cooperation
    IAU 7th General Conference

  • The Role of the University in Developing Countries
    Sixth IAU Seminar

  • Problems of Bulgarian Higher Education in International University cooperation
    Third Round Table

  • The Right to Education and Access to Higher Education
    Fifth IAU Seminar

  • Access and Financing
    Second Round Table

  • Differing Types of Higher Education
    Fourth IAU Seminar

  • The Role of Universities in the Transition from Traditional to Modern Societies and The Internationalization of Higher Education
    First Round Table

  • Higher Education at the Approach of the Twenty-First Century
    IAU 6th General Conference

  • A Critical Approach to Inter-University Cooperation
    Third IAU Seminar

  • The Social Responsibility of the University in Asian Countries - Obligations and Responsibilities
    Second IAU Seminar

  • Problems of Integrated Higher Education
    First IAU Seminar

  • International University Cooperation
    IAU 5th General Conference

  • Access to Higher Education
    IAU 4th General Conference

  • Some Economic Aspects of Educational Development in Europe

  • The Interplay of Scientific and Cultural Values
    IAU 3rd General Conference

  • The Role of Universities in the Rapidly-evolving Society, with special Reference to the General and Professional Education of Teachers, Research Workers in the Natural Sciences, and Leaders in National Life
    IAU 2nd General Conference

  • The Role of Universities in the Face of the Material and Moral Changes brought about in Contemporary Society by Scientific and Technological Progress
    IAU 1st General Conference (founding conference)

  • UNESCO in collaboration with the Dutch Government Preparatory Conference of University Representatives, which led to the creation of the IAU

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