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  • HEP - Latest issue

    HEP 30/4 – December 2018

    The latest edition of Higher Education Policy (HEP), IAU’s quarterly peer-reviewed journal has just been released. A special edition, entitled The Role of Higher Education in the Socio-Economic Development of Peripheral Regions, it features papers looking at developments and issues in two distinct national settings within a broader European context, namely Norway and Czech Republic. Papers include a literature review and framework of analysis, the role of institutions in fostering industry clusters in peripheral regions, lifelong learning, cultural preconditions, and third mission.

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  • Detailed Description

    Higher Education Policy (HEP), published quarterly, is an international journal for advancing scholarly understanding of the policy process applied to higher education through the publication of original analyses, both theoretical and practice-based, the focus of which may range from case studies of developments in individual institutions to policy making at systems and at national level.

    Through this journal the International Association of Universities wishes to strengthen the exchange between scholarship and issues of practical administrative concern within the perspective of the disciplines that contribute to the study of this field - anthropology, history, economics, public administration, political science, government, law, sociology, philosophy, psychology, policy analysis and the sociology of organisations.

    The editorial board will give every encouragement to original contributions, whether theoretical, conceptual or empirical in nature, which involves explicit inter-system and cross-national comparisons. Articles devoted to less reported systems of higher education and their evolution, are particularly welcome. The major criteria retained in the process of review and selection are the significance of the submission to decision-making and policy development in higher education as well as its intrinsic quality. Since the study of policy in higher education draws upon a broad range of disciplines, a cross-disciplinary methodology will have equal consideration.

    The aim of Higher Education Policy is to provide a peer-reviewed vehicle of the highest quality for institutional leadership, scholars, practitioners and administrators at all levels of higher education to have access to, keep abreast of, and contribute to, the most advanced analyses available in this domain.


    - Professor Jeroen Huisman, Department of Sociology, University of Ghent, Belgium

    Founding Editor:

    - Professor Guy Neave, Centre for Research in Higher Education Policies (CIPES), University of Porto, Portugal

    Members of the Editorial board:

    - Khalid Arar, Sakhnin Academic College for Teacher Education, Israel
    - Agneta Bladh, University of Kalmar, Sweden
    - Vikki Boliver, Durham University, UK
    - David Dill, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
    - Carolina Guzmán-Valenzuela, University of Chile, Chil
    - Ellen Hazelkorn, Dublin Institute of Technology, Republic of Ireland
    - Hugo Horta, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong
    - Glen Jones, University of Toronto, Canada
    - Georg Krücken, University of Kassel, Germany
    - Liudvika Leisyte, Technical University Dortmund, Germany
    - Maria Jose Lemaitre, Centro Interuniversitario de Desarrollo (CINDA), Chile
    - Shuiyun Liu, Beijing Normal University, China
    - Simon Marginson, UCL Institute of Education, London, UK
    - Ka Ho Mok, Lingam University, Hong Kong
    - Christopher Morphew, Johns Hopkin University, USA
    - Guy Neave, University of Porto, Portugal
    - Morshidi Sirat, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
    - Bjorn Stensaker, University of Oslo, Norway
    - Pedro Teixeira, University of Porto, Portugal
    - Michael Tomlinson, University of Southampton, UK
    - Frans A. van Vught, University of Twente, The Netherlands
    - Miri Yemini, Tel Aviv University, Israel

  • Instructions for Authors

    How to submit
    All articles must be submitted using the Journal’s online submission system.

    Before submitting, all authors are invited to read and follow specific instructions .

    If you have any queries or problems, please contact Nicholas Poulton

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