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  • Salamanca celebrates 800 Years - IAU President attends IVth Rectors’ Meeting

    Pam Fredman, IAU President, represented IAU at the Inaugural Panel of the IV International Rectors’ Meeting Universia 2018. The Meeting took place on 21 - 22 May at the University of Salamanca, Spain.
    An IAU founding Member since 1950, University of Salamanca celebrates its 8th centenary. Themed ‘University, Society, and Future’, the Meeting, attended by rectors, deans and academic leaders from over 600 universities in 26 countries, focused on training and learning in the digital world; research at the university; and universities’ contribution to social and territorial development.
    Prof. Fredman emphasized the importance of academic values and academic competences students acquire during their studies, themes which were brought up by many speakers. The Meeting concluded with the release of the Declaration of Salamanca.

    The event has been covered by various newspapers around the world:

  • IAU Blog on the role of technology in higher education

    IAU is pleased to launch a blog dedicated to the role of technology in higher education and to the transformation of higher education in the digital era. The aim of this blog is to share experiences and information about the digital transformation in higher education with perspectives from all regions of the world. IAU Members and beyond can share innovative initiatives and best practices or voice concern about developments in this field. IAU believes that through exchange and cooperation, we can contribute to shaping the digital transformation in higher education.

    Click here to discover the blog

    The IAU Horizons magazine (23.1) dedicated the ’In Focus’ section to the topic "Technology and higher education: opportunities for bridging divides?" The authors of the 11 articles coming from around the world also agreed to share their thinking and articles on the blog in order to kick-start the discussion.

    IAU invites its Members to consider contributing and submitting a contribution to IAU (max 800 words).

    Please contact Trine Jensen for expressions of interest.

  • IAU Expert Advisory Group meeting on digital transformation in Bucharest, Romania

    Hosted by the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration (SNSPA), the IAU Expert Advisory Group was officially established and started drafting a new IAU Policy Statement on the digital transformation in higher education on 28-29 May 2018 in Bucharest, Romania. Members from around the world discussed the structure and the essential principles and values that must guide the digital transformation in higher education for the common good.

    The drafting process will take place over the next two years and include several stakeholder consultations. The final statement will be submitted for adoption to the IAU 16th General Conference, which will take place in Dublin, Ireland in 2020.

    A survey will be developed and disseminated to all IAU Members and beyond in order to collect information that will serve the drafting of the statement.

    Contact Trine Jensen for more information.

  • IAU Horizons 23.1: Technology in Higher Education & Call for papers next edition

    The first 2018 edition of IAU Horizons (23.1) presents information about the activities of the Association, the upcoming IAU 2018 International Conference in Kuala Lumpur. The In Focus section gathers 11 articles from around the world discussing the important topic: “Technology in Higher Education: Opportunities for Bridging Divides’ Click here to read the magazine.

    Call for papers for IAU Horizons (23.2): higher education partnerships for societal impact

    In preparation of the upcoming conference, the next issue of IAU Horizons, the ‘In Focus’ will be devoted to the theme of the conference: ‘Higher education partnerships for societal impact’
    If you are interested in contributing a paper related to this topic, please send a message expressing your interest and explaining briefly how you wish to address this topic in your paper.

    Deadline for expressions interest: 30 June 2018
    Deadline for submission of paper (max 800 words): 31 July 2018
    Contact: Juliette Becker

  • IAU took part in the EHEA Ministerial Conference in May

    IAU took part in the Ministerial Conference celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Bologna Process. It was held in Paris, on May 24-25, 2018. Opened to European Higher Education Area (EHEA) delegations, it included a Bologna Policy Forum that provided an opportunity to pursue a dialogue between EHEA and non-EHEA countries. The Paris Conference thus offered an opportunity to reinforce international cooperation for a better future of higher education.
    The Ministerial Communiqué stresses the need to improve the implementation of fundamental values, especially democracy, since the standards of higher education convey notions of peace and freedom.
    IAU Vice President Remus Pricopie, Rector SNSPA, and Hilligje van’t Land, IAU Secretary General represented the IAU during these events. The SG chaired the round table on Higher Education social responsibility: the civic role of higher education institutions.

    Declaration Ministerial Conference

    Bologna Policy Forum Statement

  • Professor Justin Thorens Former President IAU receives the IAU President Award

    On 4 May 2018, the IAU was honored to present the IAU President’s Award in Higher Education to Professor Justin Thorens, Former IAU President (1985-1990), Former President University of Geneva, for his outstanding contributions to IAU’s life and work and his full commitment to the higher education values promoted by the IAU. The Award was presented by IAU past Secretary General Eva Egron-Polak and the current Secretary General and in the presence of the IAU Secretariat.
    Please click here for more information on Professor Justin Thorens’ career and his contributions to development of the IAU statement on Academic Freedom and University Autonomy.

  • #LGEU5 - 5th session of Leading Globally Engaged Universities in Canada

    The 5th session of Leading Globally Engaged Universities (LGEU), the IAU unique leadership training programme, was hosted for the first time ever in North America, by McMaster University in Canada, from 13 to 18 May 2018.

    The week-long event gathered representatives from Canada, Colombia, Haiti, Ghana, Romania, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States and Thailand. Participants particularly enjoyed the excellent hosting of the event and the unique opportunity provided to connect and learn to trust each other on sensitive issues relating to leadership in very different contexts yet presenting similarities conducive to unique exchanges.

    Mark your calendars to attend the next session, learn more about the kind of leader you are and how best to engage globally!
    LGEU-6 will be hosted by the prestigious National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, in Bucharest, Romania on 14-19 October 2018.
    More information here or contact (


    IAU takes part in UNESCO Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) meeting in Costa Rica to help define the future of the post gap agenda. It is also the opportunity for IAU to present its work in promoting higher education and research for sustainable development globally.

    The Global Action Programme (GAP) on ESD, the follow- up programme to the Decade of ESD (2005-2014), seeks to generate and scale-up ESD and to accelerate progress towards sustainable development. The GAP aims to contribute substantially to the 2030 agenda.

  • Apply now for Rockefeller Bellagio Center Academic Residency!
    You are an academic willing to share your commitment to the development of society ? Seize this unique opportunity to carry out your project and make connections!

    The call for applications to the Academic Writing Residency Programme in Bellagio Center is open. By assisting the Rockefeller Foundation with the global outreach development of this beautiful programme, IAU is proud to encourage to apply individuals who shape thinking and catalyze action around projects that align with the Foundation’s mission of promoting the well-being of humanity, particularly through issues that have direct impact on the lives of poor and vulnerable populations. These issues include but are not limited to health, economic opportunity, urban resilience, as well as food and agriculture.

    This Residency Programme welcomes university and think tank-based academics, researchers, professors, and scientists from a wide array of backgrounds, disciplines and geographies, during a month in a serene but stimulating environment, combining uninterrupted individual day-time and evenings spent with innovative practitioners, writers and artists.

    Apply now and make a difference!
    Contact Ms Juliette Becker for more information.

    The Call for application is now open until May 1, 2018 for residencies in 2019.

  • Last chance to register for LGEU-5 Canada

    McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, will host the 5th session of the LGEU PROGRAMME. It will take place 13 - 18 May 2018. from LGEU provides an international peer-learning space to help higher education leaders prepare for the multiple and complex responsibilities they take on in a challenging global context. Bringing together an international cohort of university representatives, to recognise and address local and regional opportunities and constraints, each LGEU session also offers a unique opportunity to learn about the local higher education system. Apply to work with colleagues from different institutions and countries. Join the growing LGEU alumni group. The programme is limited to 20 persons - so don’t miss this opportunity! Contact: Juliette Becker

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