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IAU Partners in HESD

  • National Union of Students (NUS)

    The National Union of Students is a confederation of 600 students’ unions, amounting to more than 95 per cent of all higher and further education unions in the UK. Through their member students’ unions, they represent the interests of more than seven million students. They promote, defend and extend the rights of students and develop and champion strong students’ unions.

  • Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)

  • Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF)

    AUF brings together 944 higher education institutions, networks and scientific research centers that use French language in 116 countries. Founded almost 60 years ago, it is one of the largest associations of higher education and research institutions in the world. AUF is also the operator for higher education and research at the “Sommet de la Francophonie”. As such, it implements, within its field of competence, the resolutions adopted by the Conference of Heads of State and the governments of the countries sharing French as a common language.

  • Green Gown Awards

    IAU took part in the 2016 jury of the French-speaking edition of the Green Gown Awards Les Trophées des Campus Responsablesthat recognizes exceptional higher education sustainability initiatives. IAU also took part in the 2016 jury of the International Green Gown Awards.


    IAU is a Member of the SULITEST Administrative Board and contributes to the development and awareness raising of this test tool and overall project.

  • TROP ICSU Project

    IAU has been involved with the TROP ICSU Project since September 2018. TROP ICSU project is funded by the International Council for Science (ICSU), led by the International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS), and co-led by the International Union for Quaternary Research (INQUA). IAU supports the project by distributing information about it, including the educators survey. IAU Members can benefit from trainings offered by the project

  • Copernicus Alliance

    In September 2016, IAU and COPERNICUS Alliance, a European network of higher education institutions promoting transformational learning and change for sustainable development, signed a partnership agreement to jointly foster HESD.


    The Global Action Programme (GAP) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) seeks to generate and scale-up ESD and to accelerate progress towards sustainable development. ThePartner Networks, consisting of 90 major ESD stakeholders, drive implementation of the GAP. IAU is one of the key partners (Action Area 2: Transforming Learning and Training Environments).

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