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Giorgio Marinoni

Giorgio Marinoni holds the position of Manager, HE and Internationalization policy and projects at the International Association of Universities since February 2015. Among his main responsibilities are: The coordination of the 5th Global Survey on Internationalisation of Higher Education, a unique analysis of global and regional level data on trends and developments in the field of international higher education and related policy making; The ISAS (2.0) programme for advancing internationalisation, consisting of specific and tailored services to assist single HEIs, groups of HEIs within a country, individual professionals, and policymakers in their distinct efforts to enhance internationalization of Higher Education. Before his current position at IAU, Giorgio Marinoni gained expertise most specifically in the field of internationalization and in Higher Education policy and reforms, especially but not exclusively, at the European level. He has experience in the coordination of multilateral projects at the international level, involving different higher education stakeholders as well as public and private higher education institutions (HEIs), networks of HEIs, student associations, national and regional governments.

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