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  • Isabel Toman

    Isabel Toman is working with IAU as an Intern on Higher Education and Research for Sustainable Development, as well as with IAU’s Events team. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and Latin-American Studies from the University of Hamburg and is soon graduating a dual master’s programme in European Studies from the University of Göttingen, Germany, and Universidad de Deusto, Spain. Before coming to France, she lived in Mexico, Germany, Spain and the UK. A native speaker of German, she also speaks English, Spanish and some French.

  • Andreas Corcoran

    JPEG Dr. Andreas Corcoran took up the position as Deputy Secretary General of the International Association of Universities in 2019.

    For the last two decades, Dr. Corcoran has taken an interest in the role universities play in society – history, present, future. He is a keen believer in the transformative power of higher education as a driver of global development. He sees diversity, academic freedom and integrity as prerequisites for any form of academic enterprise and as the bedrock of progress. He is therefore proud to share the IAU’s mission and to be part of the IAU’s global network committed to the shaping of international higher education policy and the formation of a truly global scientific community.

    As Deputy Secretary General, he contributes to the organisation’s institutional development, the conceptual design of the IAU strategic plan, takes the lead on the thematic priority ‘Value-based leadership’, and the IAU cooperation with partners and members. He oversees the IAU university leadership programme and the strategic development of the reference publications, including the World Higher Education Database.

    Prior to joining the IAU, Dr. Corcoran was Director of Higher Education at SOFIA in Rome where he managed the higher education portfolio in charge of the financial, academic and institutional development of a university in Tanzania - spanning across strategy, governance, recruitment, and internationalisation.

    Previously, Dr. Corcoran worked for the University of Kent in the UK, the Federal Chancellor Willy Brandt Foundation and the German Historical Museum in Berlin. Dr. Corcoran has published and lectured on university management, history and epistemic culture and holds a PhD in intellectual history from the European University Institute in Florence and a Master’s degree in Reformation and Enlightenment Studies from Trinity College Dublin.

  • Jessica Huang

    JPEG Jessica Huang holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Shanghai Normal University and studied English at Shanghai International Studies University. After 8 years working experience in client services & events in the hotel industry in Singapore and China, Jessica joined IAU in 2019, as Assistant to the Secretary General and as Assistant, IAU Administration. In addition to her mother tongue Chinese, she speaks English, French and Cantonese.

  • Clarisse Gemelli

    Clarisse Gemelli joined IAU in November 2018 as a member of the team responsible for updating the IAU World Higher Education Database (WHED). She holds a Master’s degree in Chinese Language and Culture from Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales (Inalco-Paris) and a Bachelor’s degree in Chinese and Modern Greek from the University of Geneva (Switzerland). She has also studied abroad in China and Greece. Clarisse is Swiss and Italian. She speaks Italian, French, English, Chinese and Modern Greek.

  • Brittany Turmes

    In her position as IAU Administrative Assistant, Brittany Turmes works with the Secretary General and assists with membership and other administrative tasks. Brittany is a native English speaker and also speaks French. She graduated from University of North Texas with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a minor in Cultural Anthropology. Prior to joining IAU, she has worked as an English teacher and an assistant in multiple business sectors.

  • Amr Ezzat Salama

    Secretary General of the Association of Arab Universities

    Dr. Amr Ezzat Salama is a Professor of Structural Engineering in Helwan University, Egypt. He is a holder of PhD in Structural Engineering from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK and has a Master in Maritime Civil Engineering, from Manchester, UK as well as a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degree from Cairo University. Dr. Amr Salama was the Counselor of The American University in Cairo and is the Former Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Technology of Egypt. He is also the Chairman of the Management Engineering Society and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and the President of the Executive Bureau of 57357 Foundation as well as the Chairman of the Council of Housing and Building of Academy of Scientific Research and Technology.

  • Justin Thorens

    Justin Thorens was the president of the University of Geneva between 1977 and 1983. Before that, he had hold various positions within the university, among others was he the dean of the Faculty of Law.
    He worked for a long time with and for the International Association of Universities. In 1984 he became a board member and only one year later was elected as president of the Association for the next five years. In 1990, he became honorary president. He contributed in particular to the foundational work on University and Academic Freedom.
    Following his appointment at IAU, he became president for the United Nations University in Tokyo and was the president of the European Centre for Higher Education (CEPES) of UNESCO.
    He studied and taught in many countries. During his own studies, he did an exchange semester in Berlin and London. Afterwards he thought and conducted research at the University of Stanford, and Munich.
    He recieved the first IAU President’s Award on 4 May 2018.

  • Stefanie Mallow

    Stefanie Mallow holds a Master’s degree in Cultural Anthropology from Uppsala University in Sweden. She has studied and worked in many different countries, including New Zealand, Indonesia and Costa Rica. Having worked for the IAU previously as an intern in 2016, she returned in January 2018 as Programme Officer for Higher Education and Research for Sustainable Development. German national, she also speaks English and Spanish and is learning French.

  • Eva Egron-Polak

    Eva Egron-Polak, former Secretary General of the International Association of Univeristies (IAU), was educated in the Czech Republic, Canada and France. Having studied French Literature, Political Science and International Political Economy, her post-graduate research focused on early stages of European Union policy in higher education. She held the position of IAU Secretary General from 2002 to 2017. Prior to joining IAU, for almost 20 years, she served in various senior positions at Universities Canada (former AUCC), including as Vice-President, International. As Secretary-General of IAU, Eva Egron-Polak launched a number of initiatives in various areas of higher education policy, positioning IAU as an important global actor in research and policy development concerning, for example, internationalization of higher education, provision of equitable access to and success in higher education, institutional autonomy and ethics in higher education as well as the contribution of higher education to sustainable development. She greatly expanded the Association’s convening role, consolidating the Association’s capacity as a clearing house of information on the systems and institutions of higher education around the world. Under her leadership IAU launched regular and systematic Global Surveys on internationalization, improved and expanded its communications with IAU Members and the higher education community, created the professional development program called LGEU and developed ISAS, an advisory service to review and assess institutional internationalization strategies. Eva Egron-Polak enlarged IAU partnerships to include many organizations and networks and made IAU highly visible.In addition to being an IAU Senior Fellow, Eva Egron-Polak is a member of many boards and advisory committees, including the Magna Charta Observatory, the GAPS initiative, and StudyPortals. She has written and presented many papers on higher education topics and continues to be actively involved in the field.

  • Madeleine F. Green

    Madeleine Green served as Vice President for International Initiatives at the American Council on Education, a membership association of U.S. higher education institutions, until 2010. Since then, she has served as a Senior Fellow at NAFSA: the Association of International Educators and as an independent consultant. Her principal areas of expertise are policy and practice in internationalization and institutional leadership, management and governance. She is widely published in these areas. She has served as a member of the IAU administrative board and on the boards of several U.S. higher education institutions and organization. Dr. Green holds a B.A. degree magna cum laude from Harvard University and a Ph.D. in French literature from Columbia University.

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