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7 June 2022


  • : Exploring the Nexus between Health, Equity and Gender

    Organised jointly by IAU and UOC (Open University of Catalonia) in the context of the IAU HESD Cluster for SDG 3: Good Health and Wellbeing, this webinar will discuss at the factors that might affect equity and equal access and outcomes to health, to ensure that everyone can lead healthy lives and realise their full potential. This webinar will explore some of these factors based on current research, anchoring them in their specific geographical contexts, and ignite areas for further exploration. Speakers will begin by setting the context looking at inequity and health more widely and providing an overview of their specific area of work and expertise. They will then explore gender inequity more specifically. They will finally look at how e-health, as an emerging mechanism of delivery is affecting equity more widely, and gender equity more specifically. Participants are invited to take part in the discussion and pose questions.

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