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  • Second Global Survey on the State of Digital...

    Second Global Survey on the State of Digital Transformation of Higher Education

    After several years of rapid digital transformation particularly accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the IAU is pleased to announce that the second Global Survey on Digital Transformation of Higher Education is now collecting responses. The first global survey on digital transformation was launched in 2019 and it led to the report: Higher Education in the Digital Era: The current state of transformation around the world (January 2020). This report constitutes an important source of information about the state of digital transformation prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    This survey will take stock of the current state of digital transformation in higher education to monitor developments and identify key achievements as well as challenges. Our aim is to assess how ongoing technological developments are contributing to broad transformations in higher education. For the preparation of the global survey, it is essential that we work with experts from different regions of the world to ensure a sound design of the questionnaire and that it is resonating with all regions of the world.

    Key details:
    We kindly ask for only one reply per institution; thus we invite you to nominate a senior staff member to collect the data from across your institution and submit it online. The survey is composed of 43 questions out of which 10 are simple demographical questions. We recommend that you download this PDF version of the survey to prepare your reply and submit the survey once you have collected the data. It will take about 30 minutes to submit the data online. The deadline to complete the survey is 1 October 2024.

    Complete the Survey

  • IAU Horizons issue, Volume 29, no. 1, 2024

    We are pleased to announce the release of a new edition of IAU Horizons. This issue of IAU Horizons offers insights on IAU initiatives and activities and presents articles related to the strategic priorities of the Association.

    The widespread distribution of generative AI has raised many questions for higher education institutions to address, spanning a wide spectrum of visions from utopian ideals to dystopian scenarios. To shed light on what is at stake for higher education, this ‘In Focus’ section is devoted to Universities and the Interplay between Human Intelligence and Generative AI.

    Read the magazine

    >> Order printed copy or request more information
    >> Previous issues

  • IAU Horizons 29.2 - Call for papers on The University: Shaping Values and Shaped by Values

    IAU Horizons 29.2 - Call for papers

    IN FOCUS: The University: Shaping Values and Shaped by Values

    In today’s dynamic, complex, and ever-evolving global landscape, universities often find themselves on the front lines of social tension, economic and environmental uncertainty, and political change. These challenges transcend geographical boundaries, impacting universities worldwide irrespective of their size, traditions, cultures, or operational styles. Against this backdrop, this issue of IAU Horizons wishes to investigate the pivotal role of values, exploring both the ways that universities shape the values of their students and the values that universities themselves rely on for guidance in their decision-making, ethical conduct, strategic outlook and meaningful engagement.

    This issue of IAU Horizons invites contributions that discuss the values that are needed to address the great challenges of our time. It also invites reflection on whether, amid our rich and diverse set of cultures and traditions, higher education institutions around the world share a set of distinct values? What will be the future of traditional academic values, such as autonomy, academic freedom, and research integrity? What role do values play in the social trust accorded to universities?
    To discuss these important questions, the IAU calls for thought pieces of a maximum 800 words.

    Read the full call for papers here.

    Please submit a proposed abstract by 1 June 2024

    The deadline for submission of the full opinion piece is 1 July 2024.

  • IAU 2024 International Conference


    - DATE: 22 -24 November 2024


    - THEME: University Values in a Changing World

    IAU 2024 International Conference
    The IAU 2024 International Conference will be held from 22-24 November at Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan.

    In today’s dynamic and ever-evolving global landscape, universities find themselves navigating heightened complexity and uncertainty. Institutions and their leaders are increasingly compelled to adapt swiftly to a diverse range of expectations. Against this backdrop, this conference highlights the pivotal role of values, exploring how they provide universities with guidance for decision-making, ethical conduct, and meaningful engagement. Furthermore, conference sessions will assess the extent to which these values are used to address the grand challenges encountered by societies.

    Learn more about the conference theme in the event concept note.

    Call for Proposals Now Open

    Framed by the above conference concept note, the IAU has opened this call for proposals to identify speakers from different regions of the world that can contribute to the important conversations during breakout sessions of the International Conference programme. Learn more and submit your proposal here.

    With any questions, please contact the IAU Events team

  • 6th IAU Global Survey on Internationalization - Now Available in French!

    IAU officially launched the 6th edition of the Global Survey on Internationalization of Higher Education: The Future of Internationalization of Higher Education in January 2023. The IAU accepted responses for the survey until June 2023. The survey report was published on 2 April 2024 via a live webinar. The webinar recording is available on the IAU Youtube page.

    The IAU 6th Global Survey on the Internationalization of Higher Education received responses from 722 higher education institutions (HEIs) in 110 countries and territories. The resulting survey report analyses the findings in order to present both global and regional trends. Furthermore, the report compares current findings with data from the IAU’s previous Global Surveys on Internationalization in order to explore long-term changes occurring in the internationalization field. Discover first results of the survey here.

    The Global Surveys are IAU flagship publications for our strategic priority on Internationalization. IAU has produced five Global Surveys to date (2003, 2005, 2010, 2014, 2019), and the reports of the surveys are of seminal importance in the internationalization of higher education. The survey has grown in breadth and detail over the years and are often cited by researchers and experts in the field, and higher education media.

    Read the Report

    Read the Executive Summary

  • WHED Country Update: USA

    The World Higher Education Database (WHED), maintained and developed by the International Association of Universities in collaboration with UNESCO, recently finalised its most recent update of institutions in the United States.

    The WHED team verified and updated information for all 2568 institutions listed in the database in the United States. This involved checks of multiple accreditor websites and the collection of detailed data on the extensive array of degree programs offered within each institution.

    The outcome of this effort provided valuable insights into the US higher education sector. Notably, there are 768 public HEIs and 1800 private HEIs, each meeting stringent WHED criteria, including offering at least a four-year Bachelor’s degree and having graduated at least three cohorts of students. Digging deeper into the dynamics of higher education in the United States, the latest WHED update revealed significant reliance on private funding in a majority of higher education institutions and that leadership in the country’s higher education sector remains markedly male-dominated.

    About the WHED:
    The World Higher Education Database (WHED) is the IAU unique online reference portal that provides authoritative information on some 21,000 accredited higher education institutions as well as on higher education systems and credentials in 196 countries and territories. It is globally recognized as an official source of information and maintained in collaboration with UNESCO.

    The IAU has been collecting this data since its foundation in 1950. The WHED has evolved constantly to meet the needs of the global higher education community. The WHED team collects, processes, validates and publishes comprehensive and detailed higher education data on the portal on a continuous basis.

    Explore the WHED

  • Work with the IAU

    Internship Opportunities
    Communications and Sustainable Development Internship
    The intern will be working on tasks related to the IAU thematic priority Higher Education and Research for Sustainable Development (HESD) and IAU Communications.
    For HESD, work assignments will include:

    • Content creation and technical development of the IAU Global Portal on Higher Education for Sustainable Development,
    • Support with communication with the IAU Global Cluster on HESD Network and partners,
    • General preparation of HESD projects,
    • Desk-based research and communication-related tasks.

    For Communications, work assignments will include:

    • Coordination with IAU Secretariat staff to plan and create content for social media,
    • Post planning and scheduling for social media (LinkedIn, possibly develop a presence on Facebook),
    • Engagement with partners and IAU Members on social media,
    • Copy editing and review of IAU Newsletter.

    Learn how to apply and read the full internship description here.

    Job Opportunities
    There are currently no open job opportunities at the IAU. Please check back later for updates.

  • 2023 Annual Report

    The International Association of Universities is pleased to present the 2023 Annual Report of activities. In 2023, IAU hosted 10 webinars, published numerous reports and policy statements, strengthened and engaged with our Membership base, and continued our advocacy work for our four priority areas: value based leadership, digital transformation, internationalization, and sustainable development. Through these umbrella programmes, IAU has been able to continue project based work to facilitate international collaboration and knowledge production. To learn more about what IAU achieved in 2023, read the latest Annual Report.

    Read the Report

  • Call for Papers: Universities and the Interplay of Human Intelligence and Generative AI

    Call for Papers: Universities and the Interplay of Human Intelligence and Generative AI

    In the upcoming ‘In Focus’ section of IAU Horizons, we aim to bring together multiple perspectives and reflections on how generative AI impacts higher education. We wish to demonstrate the breadth of the impacts whether it concerns the future of teaching and learning, the impact on pedagogy and cognition, and how we carry out assessments or conduct research. Likewise, the aim is to shed light on the problems around inequalities, the ethical issues related to data representation, quality, veracity, ownership and curation, and how it interweaves with academic values and codes of conduct. The purpose is to bring together both the voices of concern as well as the visionary aspirations. This is a non-exhaustive list of examples of what could be addressed.

    Read the full call for papers here.

    To discuss the important questions relating to Universities and the Interplay of Human Intelligence and Generative AI, the IAU calls for thought pieces of a maximum 800 words.

    - > Please submit a proposed abstract by 8 February 2024
    - > Deadline for submission of the full opinion piece is 1 March 2024

    For more information or questions, please contact: Trine Jensen

  • Warm wishes from the IAU for 2024...

    Warm wishes from the IAU
    The IAU extends its season’s greetings and wishes for a happy new year to our Members, partners, associates, affiliates, and senior fellows. Reflecting on the past year, the IAU takes pride in the accomplishments and collaborations that have enriched our endevours. Our interactions and engagements with Members and partners have been rewarding, and we look forward to continuing to engage with the higher education community and strengthening the voice of higher education in 2024.

    Read the full season’s greetings message here.

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