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Immediate Past Event

The IAU Global Meeting of Associations, organized in cooperation with UDUAL, and IAU 2019 International Conference took place in Puebla, Mexico on 12-13 and 13-15 November 2019, hosted by the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla,

Some 250 higher education leaders and experts from 60 countries came together to discuss the theme Transforming higher education for the future. Many insightful discussions took place, bringing new perspectives on the role of higher education today, the one we want for tomorrow and its relevance for societal development.

On this occasion, IAU also launched its series IAU Aiming Higher, produced by BBC StoryWorks, telling the stories of 34 IAU Members carrying out important initiatives that have positive impact on society.

The presentations are now available on the conference website.

Watch the recordings of the IAU 2019 International Conference at BUAP online here.

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