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  • IAU and SOS-UK

    SOS-UK is a charity set up by the National Union of Students in 2019 in response to the climate emergency and ecological crisis. It supports students to learn, act and lead for sustainability and works across the UK to green campuses, curricula and communities. IAU and SOS signed an MOU to jointly advance Sustainable Development at student level. They jointly plan on piloting a “Responsible Futures project”, to foster a whole-institution approach to embedding social responsibility and sustainability across the curriculum (plan for 2021, tbc).

  • IAU and Irish Aid

    Irish Aid - Department of Foreign Affairs is a partner of the IAU at the IAU 16th General Conference in Dublin. Within the context of Ireland’s new policy framework A Better World: Ireland’s Policy for International Development, Irish Aid and IAU are jointly organising a special outbreak session on the role and influence of higher education on policy-making in the field of development. In addition, Irish Aid has kindly agreed to sponsor university leaders from low-income countries to participate in the IAU 16th General Conference

  • IAU and Scholars at Risk

    IAU partners with Scholars at Risk, an international network protecting academic freedom. IAU supports the network and their actions and in June 2020 were pleased to welcome Scholars at Risk as a panelist at the IAU webinar, in partnership with the Council for Higher Education Accreditation/CIGQ, on The Future of Value-Based Higher Education and Quality Assurance - The Future of Academic Freedom.

  • IAU and CIMEA

    CIMEA is the official Italian centre within the NARIC – National Academic Recognition Information Centres – network of the European Union and the ENIC – European National Information Centres – network of the European Council and of UNESCO. IAU and CIMEA share a strong interest in the current and future development of higher education qualifications’ recognition and academic and professional mobility.

    To this end, IAU and CIMEA are embarking on a project involving integration of the IAU Global WHED IDs and other WHED data in CIMEA’s new “diplome” application. This enables the user to store their certificates in a secure wallet through the use of block chain technology. This collaboration represents the first use of blockchain technology in the field of qualification recognition.

  • IAU and BBC

    IAU partnered with the BBC in the production of Aiming Higher, a series of films demonstrating the impact of higher education on the development of sustainable and democratic societies; shaping minds, promoting diversity, ethical leadership and social responsibility. Produced by BBC StoryWorks, Aiming Higher presents the stories of 34 IAU Members from all around the world and how they instill core values in young people and society more generally, in order to foster prosperity, innovation and equity. This ambitious project was launched at the IAU 2019 International Conference in Puebla, Mexico.

  • IAU and Falling Walls Foundation

    The Falling Walls Foundation is a charity organization founded in 2010 in Berlin. It serves as a unique international platform for pioneers in academia, industry, politics, the arts, and civil society. The Falling Walls Foundation promotes groundbreaking ideas across borders and disciplines – and brings together pioneers and innovators form all over the world. In commemoration of the peaceful fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, it focuses on the question: Which are the next walls to fall? The World Science Summit with the Falling Walls Conference and the Berlin Science Week are organised by the Falling Walls Foundation every year.

    IAU supports this initiative and sits on the Jury of the “Digital Education” category of Falling Walls call for breakthrough initiatives.

    - Falling Walls and Berlin Science Week.
    - The World Science Summit online. Registration is free
    - The Falling Walls Foundation:

  • IAU and ACU

    ACU – Association of Commonwealth Universities

    The ACU is an international organisation dedicated to building a better world through higher education. International collaboration is central to this ambition: by bringing universities together from around the world – and crucially the people who study and work within them – the ACU helps to advance knowledge, promote understanding, broaden minds, and improve lives. The ACU champions higher education as a cornerstone of stronger societies, supporting its members, partners, and stakeholders as they adapt to a changing world.

    IAU, ACU and AUF have signed a Memorandum of Understand in particular to jointly work on Higher Education for Sustainable Development and advocate for HESD at the UN HLPF among other projects.

    For more information on ACU:


    SULITEST is to develop Sustainability Literacy worldwide and empower engaged and committed global citizen to make informed and responsible decisions, and collectively build a sustainable future. It is to expand sustainable knowledge, skills, and mindset that motivates individuals to become deeply committed to build a sustainable future and to make informed and effective decisions. SULITEST provides citizens and organizations with internationally recognized and locally relevant tools to engage learning and access the degree of awareness on sustainability challenges and solutions of their stakeholders. SULITEST collects meaningful indicators on the awareness on sustainability challenges and solutions. Sharing these indicators may allow researchers, educators and other relevant stakeholders to tailor pedagogical approaches and learning experiments to support education for sustainable development.

    Since the creation of SULITEST, IAU has played a supportive role, including regular reviews of the test and new modules, promotion of the tool in networks, and support the development of the project as IAU is part of the SULITEST Administrative Board.


  • IAU and Energy Observer

    Energy Observer was created in 2013 as an organisation that explores and develops solutions that prove that another future for energy is possible, which is more respectful of the planet and those who live here.

    IAU has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Energy Observer Solutions for a partnership regarding recording universities’ actions relating to sustainable development to be shared on the future Energy Observer Solutions Platform

    Energy Observer:

  • IAU and ONEHE

    OneHE was formed in 2018 as an organisation with a commitment to social impact in higher education. It is focused on better teaching in higher education. IAU is a member to OneHE’s global Advisory Group.

    - OneHE:
    - OneHE’s global Advisory Group

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