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IAU represented at events

The IAU represents its Members at a variety of events around the world to present its work and share expertise on strategic issues for higher education. The IAU President and Board members, the Secretary General and senior staff from the secretariat are invited to share views and expertise with the higher education community.


- 17-19 October: Stefanie Mallow, Copernicus Alliance: Future Forward Summit, Brussels, Belgium
Event website


- 11-14 September: Giorgio Marinoni and Hilligje van’t Land, EAIE 2018 conference, Geneva

July 2018

- 8-10 July: Hilligje van’t Land, Jordan Academic Society, Amman

JUNE 2018

- 27 June: Hilligje van’t Land and Stefanie Mallow Symposium "Professions within Higher Education, contributers to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)", Paris, France
Event website

25 June: Hilligje van’t Land Sustainability Curriculum Consortium Faculty Conference 2018, Pittsburgh, USA (IAU remote)
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- 20-21 June: Amanda Sudic, UNESCO-IFAP 10th session of the Intergovernmental Council, Paris, France
Event website

- 18-19 June: Carine Sébast ENIC Naric Network Meeting, Prague, Czech Republic

- 11-13 June: Pornchai Mongkhonvanit ISCN Conference "Sustainable Development, acting with purpose", Stockholm, Sweden
Event website

- 7 June: Pam Fredman spoke at the Conference on “Higher Education in a Challenging World” organised by the Romanian National Council of Rectors (CNR), the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration (SNSPA), in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF).

- June: Prof Abdulganjyu Ambali, Vice Chancellor, Ilorin University Nigeria and IAU Vice President, represented the IAU at the African Association of Universities (AAU) Board meeting.

MAY 2018

- 25-25 May: Hilligje van’t Land, EHEA Ministerial Conference, Paris, France
Event website

- 23 May: Hilligje van’t Land, Observatory Magna Charta (MCO) Seminar, Paris
Event website: Integrity: a Cornerstone Value for Higher Education and Research

- 21-22 May: Pam Fredman, IV Universia International Rectors’ Meeting, Salamanca, Spain

APRIL 2018

- 25-27 April: Hilligje van’t Land and Stefanie Mallow, UNESCO Global Action Programme on ESD, Costa Rica

- 12-13 April: Hilligje van’t Land , 2018 Annual Groningen Declaration Network (GDN) Meeting, Paris, France
Event website

- 5-6 April: Hilligje van’t Land , EUA 2018 Annual Conference: Engaged and responsible universities shaping Europe
Event website

MARCH 2018

- 14-15 March : Hilligje van’t Land, International Cooperation in Education Conference 2018, Bodø, Norway
Event website

- 9 March : Hilligje van’t Land, U-Multirank Meeting


- 19 February : Hilligje van’t Land, Council of Europe Meeting on Higher Education and Democracy, Strasbourg, France

- 15 February : Hilligje van’t Land, UNESCO Regional Consultation Meeting for Western Europe bon Quality Assurance in Higher Education, Geneva, Switzerland
Event website

- 8-9 February: Hilligje van’t Land, SDG conference on Knowledge for Our Common Future, Bergen, Norway
Event website


- 31 January - 1st February: Hilligje van’t Land, CHEA 2018 Annual Conference & CIQG 2018 Annual Meeting: A Global Quality Forum, Washington DC, USA
Event website

- 25 January : Hilligje van’t Land, MIDIS / développement durable - Agenda 2030 : quel rôle pour les établissements d’enseignement supérieur ?
Event website


- 5 - 8 dec: Hilligje van’t Land, First RCE Conference : Towards Achieving the SDGs, Okayama, Japan
Event website


- 27 - 29 nov: Hilligje van’t Land, Bologna Process Researchers’ Conference, Bucharest, Roumania
Event website

- 16 - 17 nov: Pam Fredman, Netter Center 25th Anniversary Conference, Philadelphia, USA
Event website

- 13 - 14 nov: Hilligje van’t Land, Extraordinary Meeting of the Lisbon Recognition Convention Committee, Strasbourg, France

- 8 - 10 nov: Hilligje van’t Land, Donor Harmonisation Group, Stockholm, Sweden


- 25 - 28 oct: Hilligje van’t Land, 8th Prague Forum, Prague, Czech Republic
Event website


- 18 - 19 sept: Hilligje van’t Land, GUNI International Conference on Sustainable Development Goals: Actors and Implementation, Barcelona, Spain
Event website

- 12 - 15 sept: Hilligje van’t Land and Giorgio Marinoni, EAIE 2017 Conference, Seville, Spain
Event website

- 30 août - 2 sept: Eva Egron-Polak, IAU former Secretary General and IAU Senior Fellow, Magna Carta Observatory Conference XXIX Anniversary, Pécs, Hungary
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