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6th IAU Global Survey on Internationalization: Current Trends and Future Scenarios

6th IAU Global Survey on Internationalization: Current Trends and Future Scenarios

In its Strategy 2030, the International Association of Universities (IAU) put renewed attention on the inclusive nature of the internationalization process, both in terms of people and ideas, and on its ultimate goal: societal benefit. To reach this ultimate goal, the IAU has established strategic objectives, the first of which is that HEIs and higher education stakeholders around the world have a clear understanding of internationalization and are aware of the latest trends and developments. Conducting research and the global surveys on internationalization are the main tools at IAU’s disposal for achieving this objective.

The IAU 6th Global Survey on the Internationalization of Higher Education, conducted in 2023, received responses from 722 higher education institutions (HEIs) in 110 countries and territories. The resulting survey report published in 2024 analyses the findings in order to present both global and regional trends. Furthermore, the report compares current findings with data from the IAU’s previous Global Surveys on Internationalization in order to explore long-term changes occurring in the internationalization field.

The study highlights interesting comparisons between private and public HEIs across different regions and looks for common understandings of the potential benefits, risks, and challenges facing internationalization at the global level. The report further provides insights into intersectional aspects of internationalization in teaching and learning, research and society/ community engagement, and links between internationalization and societal priorities such as sustainable development, diversity, equity, and inclusion. In doing so, the 6th IAU Global Survey paints a picture of the current state of internationalization around the world, its recent transformations, and its possible evolutions moving forward.

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