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As the Global Voice for Higher Education, IAU advocates for the role of universities as catalysts for the development of sustainable and democratic societies; shaping minds, promoting diversity, leadership and social responsibility.

IAU chose to cooperate with BBC StoryWorks to produce a series on higher education that illustrates how universities are playing a key role in addressing societal transformations. Discover the IAU AIMING HIGHER series !


The purpose of the IAU AIMING HIGHER initiative is to reaffirm the fundamental values of higher education and its role in transforming societies. In order to do this, we have invited IAU Members to share the impactful and innovative work undertaken by their institutions and how these translate the core university values they stand for into action.

BBC StoryWorks’ creative teams have then worked with some 30 institutions around the world, to produce mini documentary-style films and bring to screen these meaningful stories, demonstrating the important role of higher education in societal development.


IAU thanks Arts et Métiers Paris Tech, the Member University who accepted to host the shooting of this video.


The IAU 2019 International Conference, the annual gathering of IAU Member universities and beyond, offers the perfect opportunity for the launch of the IAU series. IAU is proud to invite Conference participants to the very first showing of the series of documentaries showcasing exciting university projects, which are as diverse as IAU’s Membership. Register now for the conference !

These films bring to life important work in the areas of Internationalisation, Technology, Leadership and Sustainable Development. These are not only in line with the IAU’s strategic priorities, but also at the forefront of transformations in higher education today. The series will be made available on dedicated website to be launched at the Conference and will have an important outreach through a global advertising campaign on the BBC’s website outside of the UK.

IAU thanks all participating universities for their engagement and for sharing these beautiful experiences with the global higher education community and the general public. They embody what IAU is all about: collaboration, concrete action and exchange to make the movement of positive movers and shakers in higher education grow internationally and make a long-term impact on society at large.

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