International Association of Universities

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Working Group on Higher Education and Research for Development (2012-2016)

Terms of Reference

  • Provide advice on on-going IAU activities and projects in the area of HESD;
  • Propose and elaborate new actions and projects the Association could undertake to mobilize and assist its membership to share information and learn from each other as they develop strategies to:

    • Develop projects aiming at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set for the 2030 Development Agenda
    • Assist IAU as Key partner to the UNESCO Global Action Programme (GAP)
    • develop a whole of institution approach to SD
    • Include SD in curriculum, in research and administration
    • Develop 'greening' policies and practices
    • Launch public information campaigns about SD
    • Conduct research projects that can contribute to knowledge about SD
  • Advise the IAU Secretariat on requests for partnership and collaboration on SD related projects;

  • Review and consider updating the IAU Kyoto Declaration of principles concerning SD;
  • Bring key HE for SD news, events and information on important activities to the attention of the Secretariat for further dissemination to the higher education community;
  • Represent the Association on SD related committees and at topical country specific, regional or international conferences;
  • Help raise awareness for HESD in the Members countries and regions.


IAU works on Higher Education and Research for Sustainable Development (HESD) since it adopted the Kyoto Declaration on Sustainable Development in 1993. Since then, IAU develops initiatives and projects, contributes to key international conferences and focuses own conferences on this topic. Key partners for IAU in this area are UNESCO, UNU-IAS, UNEP, AAU among others.

IAU Working Group Members sit on several committees (such as the Ubuntu Committee of peers, the Regional Centres of Expertise (RCEs); the UN-DESD Reference Group).

Chair of the IAU HESD Working Group

  • Angelo Riccaboni, Rector, University of Siena, Italy

Members IAU Working Group on HESD

  • Pam Fredman, Rector, Götheborg University, Sweden
  • Katarina Gårdfelt, HESD Coordinator, Götheborg University, Sweden
  • Betsy Boze, Former President, The College of the Bahamas, USA
  • Juan Remigio Saldaña, Rector, Peruvian Scientific University, Peru
  • Etienne Ehile, Secretary-General, AAU
  • Pornchai Mongkhongvanit, President, Siam University, Thailand
  • Roberto Escalante, Secretary General, UDUAL

IAU Coordinator for the Project

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