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HEEFA Reference Group:

To accompany the 2011-2015 IAU Project on Higher Education for EFA, the 2008-2010 Reference Group expanded to include a greater number of viewpoints from non-OECD countries, with a particular emphasis given to Africa. Experts were selected based on written statements of interest and expertise while respecting the gender and geographical balance. Most founding members of the 2008-2010 Group renewed their commitment to continue working with IAU.


  • advise on and contribute to the development of the activities defined within the IAU Project;

  • assist in communicating products and results;

  • share expertise, technical materials and work in a collaborative manner;

  • promote the importance of higher education for EFA internally within the higher education institution/ organization as well as externally with partners and networks.

Read the complete Terms of Reference.


  • The Reference Group is composed of academics and higher education representatives.
  • Its Members represents all regions: 9 from Africa, 6 from the Americas, 4 from Asia and 7 from Europe.
  • It is chaired by an IAU Board Member. Prof. Olive Mugenda, Vice-Chancellor of Kenyatta University and IAU Vice-President, is the current Chairperson.

See full list of Members.

The 2008-2010 IAU Project was supported by the 2008-2010 Reference Group which served as an advisory group to develop, implement and communicate activities. Members were participants at the IAU Experts’ Seminar held in Maputo, Mozambique (January 2007) and invited experts engaged in or advocating for higher education for EFA, coming from higher education institutions, cooperation agencies and associations, and the IAU.

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