International Association of Universities

Building a worldwide higher education community

Policy Statements

  • IAU adopts positions and develops Policy Statements on issues of global importance for higher education. Each Statement is the product of extensive drafting and international consultations. In recent years, the Statements have been formally adopted by the General Conference of...
  • The IAU Iquitos Statement on Education for Sustainable Development was drafted at the IAU 2014 International Conference and finalized over the Summer 2014. It is taken up at the UNESCO World Conference on ESD, Nagoya, November 2014. The IAU 14th General Conference, held at...
  • IAU Policy Statements, listed here in chronological order, starting with the most recent Statement, are freely available for dissemination. More recent Statements have been open to endorsements by other Associations of Higher Education; all are open to comments. Affirming...

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