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IAU 2009 International Conference: The Role of Higher Education in Fostering the Culture of Dialogue and Understanding

Notre Dame University - Louaize, Lebanon, 4 - 6 November 2009

Lebanon flier The International Association of Universities and Notre Dame University - Louaize (NDU) jointly organized this international event.

The theme was and is in line with the IAU's goal to promote cooperation and understanding at the international, regional and national levels and contribute to freedom and justice, human dignity and solidarity through teaching and learning, research and service. Given Lebanon's diversity and the country's need to find a harmonious way to life for all its citizens, Notre Dame University - Louaize (NDU) was particularly pleased to host this IAU international Conference.

The conference brought together higher educational leaders, scholars and students to discuss how higher education today, contributes or could contribute to creating a culture of dialogue at the institutional, local, regional and international levels.

IAU Budapest Expert Seminar: Intercultural Learning and Dialogue, November 12-13, 2004

Participants The Budapest Seminar: Organized by the International Association of Universities (IAU) and the Central European University, Budapest (Hungary) In collaboration with the Central European University (CEU), Budapest, Hungary, the International Association of Universities (IAU) organized an International Expert Seminar on Intercultural Learning and Dialogue, in November 2004. This Seminar was also sponsored by the Ford Foundation, the UNESCO Participation Programme, Foreign Affairs Canada, and the Agence de la francophonie (AUF).

The Seminar brought together a group of academics and campus practitioners to assist in the development of a concrete actions IAU could undertake on Intercultural Learning and Dialogue. The Seminar allowed taking stock of actions undertaken at higher education level in this field, around the world. Please click on the following link to read the Report (rtf, 216 kb). The WebPages entitled 'Case studies' will lead you to the texts presented in Budapest.

The central purpose of the work undertaken by the IAU Working Group on higher education and intercultural learning and dialogue is to foster interest and expertise in order to help staff and students prepare to function effectively and harmoniously in a multicultural society.

Case Studies on Intercultural Learning and Dialogue

"On the occasion of the IAU Experts' Seminar on Intercultural Learning and Dialogue in Higher Education (November 2004, see report), the Seminar participants presented Papers and Case Studies outlining institutional strategies, policies and practices or programs in place or to be developed by their respective institutions of higher education, and beyond. This Seminar was sponsored by the Ford Foundation, the UNESCO Participation Programme, Foreign Affairs Canada, and the Agence de la francophonie (AUF).

The papers and Case Studies posted online exemplify some of the challenges faced by institutions in this domain, such as integration of ethnic minorities and foreign students, gender disparities, inter-religious dialogue and highlights some concrete initiatives. Vol 18, no. 4 of Higher Education Policy, which focuses on Intercultural Learning and Dialogue will appear this month. It gathers some 11 texts and Case studies presented in Budapest. These texts are currently being translated, thanks to the financial support provided by AUF and will be made available online soon.

Should you wish to contribute a Case Study presenting the strategies developed within your institution on intercultural learning and dialogue, please contact us at"

Case Studies:

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