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International Meeting "HEEFA to SDG4: Building on Achievements"

The Final Report of the International Meeting "HEEFA to SDG4: Building on Achievements" organised by the IAU, in partnership with the Jaume Bofill Foundation, has been released. The meeting took place in Barcelona, Spain from 7 to 9 October 2015 and brought together representatives from higher education institutions and organisations in 26 countries as well as UNESCO. Building on the success of the IAU HEEFA (Higher Education for Higher Education for All) project, the international meeting provided an opportunity for the higher education community to discuss the place and role of higher education in the Education 2030 Framework For Action that supports the Sustainable Development Goal No. 4 on Education.

IAU HEEFA-ICT4IAL Follow-up Seminar:
As the third phase of the IAU HEEFA Project draws to close, the IAU organized a 2-day invitation-only Follow-up Seminar. Organized in collaboration with the Hacettepe University, an IAU member, it was held on 18-19 November 2014 in Ankara, Turkey. It was also co-organized with a second project in which IAU plays a partner role: the ICT for information accessibility in learning (ICT4IAL) Project led by the European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education. 32 Participants from 22 countries reviewed the outcomes of the IAU HEEFA Workshops and the HEEFA Portal, discussed the IAU position on higher education after 2015 and provided feedback on the draft e-accessibility guidelines.

Download the final report of the Seminar.

IAU Innovation Conference

Innovation Conference

IAU organised an Innovation Conference on Higher Education/Research and EFA/education-related MDGs and end-of-project Meeting (Paris, December 2010). 50 experts and representatives from international organisations, NGOs and development agencies, including the IAU Reference Group on HEEFA, evaluated progress made for improved inclusion of higher education in EFA, reviewed the IAU project’s outcomes and explored ways forward. A special session was organised on possible links between higher education and other education sectors in the wake of a natural disaster starting from an examination of Haiti with first-hand accounts from Haitian and Caribbean universities.

Experts’ Seminar

The IAU Experts’ Seminar (Maputo, January 2007) validated a real need for further exploration of the linkages between higher education and EFA and for IAU to spearhead this work, thus serving as a springboard for the next phase.

Capacity building

IAU HEEFA Workshop Mexico Organized in partnership with an IAU Member institution/organisation, the IAU Collaborative Workshop: A three-step activity to envision higher education for Education for All locally brings together high-level representatives from the higher education community, relevant Ministries, educational bodies, civil society and schools, to discuss how to draw higher education more effectively and efficiently into local EFA activities. Participants are invited in a three-step process to “think out of the box” and to collectively develop a concrete action plan to strengthen higher education’s contribution in achieving EFA within the host country.

Step one is data collection from the participants who must reflect on how they perceive the link between higher education and EFA by completing the IAU Questionnaire on how higher education institutions could be better involved in EFA-related actions at the regional/national level. Step two is the Workshop during which participants analyze the questionnaire results and identify EFA priorities and ways how to better engage higher education. Step three is the follow-up actions undertaken by the participants to implement the Workshop outcomes.

Wish to collaborate in organising a Workshop? Read the Call for Participation.

IAU has already organised Workshops with:

Information sharing

Portal on Higher Education/Research for Education for All (HEEFA Portal): A collaborative platform to build on work undertaken by higher education in related-EFA fields, find an expert, or read publications, articles and discussions.

IAU Information Kit, Why and How Can Higher Education Contribute to All Levels and Types of Education?, clearly and concretely answers the essential questions of what, why, how, where, and who to enhance the awareness of higher education institutions for a better involvement of the higher education sector in EFA and related MDGs. It highlights cases of how higher education and research is and/or could be engaged (Published in July 2009).

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