International Association of Universities

Building a worldwide higher education community


  • Member Institutions: Total Number: 619 Member Institutions are universities or degree-conferring higher education institutions whose main objective is teaching and research, irrespective of whether or not they carry the name of university. Benefiting from IAU's complete range...
  • Member Organizations: Total Number: 32 Since the General Conference held in Durban in 2000, IAU has Member Organizations. Member Organizations are higher education organizations active on the national, regional or international level. Just like Member Institutions, they are...
  • Definition: IAU Observer status can be granted to public or private not-for-profit degree-conferring higher education institutions which do not yet meet the eligibility criteria for Membership of 3 cohorts of students. The Observer status will be valid until the institution...
  • IAU Affiliates: IAU Affiliates are non-governmental organisations or networks, whose primary mandate is related to education and sharing the Association's goals and values but which are not eligible to join as full members. Benefiting from IAU's services, they participate in...

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