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IAU Horizons, World Higher Education News

IAU Horizons, the Association's news and information magazine is addressed primarily to IAU Member Institutions and Organizations, but is also sent to a selected audience beyond the IAU Membership such as Ministries of Higher Education, international organizations, national and regional associations of universities and others.

Each issue features the following sections: IAU Activities, upcoming events and specific projects the IAU has undertaken; IAU Collaboration and Networking; Membership News; New Publications; and a global Calendar of Events.

Published two to three times a year, each issue is also devoted to a special 'In Focus' topic of interest and debate for the higher education community worldwide.

20 March 2017: Call for papers The theme of the upcoming issue of the magazine is: Corruption in higher education.

  • Deadline for abstracts: 15 March (50 words)
  • Full papers 1 April (800 words max)
  • Publication: May 2017

Contact: Dr. Hilligje van 't Land, the Editor.

IAU Horizons is available in paper format and electronically.

IAU horizons V21 n3 IAU Horizons, vol.21, no.4

This issue is devoted to the presentation of IAU projects and initiatives. It focuses on the preparations for the IAU 15th General Conference; details results and opportunities linked to the IAU key thematic priorities of work ; presents the new Members and the various projects IAU is involved in.


  • IAU calls
  • IAU 15th General Conference
  • IAU projects and initiatives
  • IAU membership news
  • IAU collaboration and networking

In Focus

The In Focus section is on Leadership for a changing public private higher education funding landscape, the theme retained for the IAU 2017 International Confference and Global Meeting of Associtaions to take place in Ghana in October 2017.

  • Working more inclusively at the public/private divide, by Simon Marginson, UK
  • Leadership for a changing public-private higher education funding landscape – the role of university leadership in income diversification, by Tatyana Koryakina and Pedro Teixeira, Portugal
  • Contemporary challenges in higher education – three e’s for education: enhance, embrace, expand, by Andreas Kaplan and Francesca Pucciarelli, Italy
  • A changing public-private higher education dynamics. The polish case, by Marek Kwiek, Poland
  • Privatization, private sector and institutional leadership in higher education in Asia, by* N.V. Varghese*, India
  • University leadership and the journey towards the entrepreneurial university, by Paul Coyle, UK
  • Developing a multilevel framework for university entrepreneurship in Africa, by Pascal Doh, Finland
  • New IAU publications and publications received at IAU
  • Global calendar of events


IAU Horizons, vol.21, no.3

This issue is fully devoted to the presentation of IAU projects and initiatives. It focuses specifically on the preparations for the IAU 15th General Conference; provides a full report of the outcomes of the IAU 2015 International Conference and details results and opportunities linked to the IAU key thematic priorities of work. As well please read about the new Members welcomed since October ; read the papers selected for two dossiers, one on The blurring divide between public and private higher education: where does it lead?, with papers from Pakistan, France, Saudi Arabia and the US and the second on the initiatives developed to assist Refugees wishing to integrate higher education. The magazine also lists a series of books from around the world focusing on a variety of higher education issues. Contact:


IN FOCUS : IAU Activities

IAU in Bangkok in 2016 !

Thematic Conference and IAU Business Sessions

IAU Election – IAU Administrative Board (2016-2020)

IAU 2015 International Conference

General Report

IAU Administrative Board Meeting

Round the World with the Board

IAU Reports on thematic priorities

  • Internationalisation of higher education

  • Role of higher education in 2030 Development Agenda

  • Doctoral Education in Africa initiaves

  • IAU ICTs Project

News from the Secretariat

Membership News

IAU Collaboration and Networking

New IAU Publications

SPECIAL FOCUS : The blurring divide between public and private higher education: where does it lead?

Papers from Pakistan, UK/France , Saudi Arabia, USA

Bibliography from HEDBIB

FOCUS ON the refugees and higher education

Publications received at IAU

Global Calendar of Events

IAU Horizons 21.2

IAU Horizons, vol.21, no.2

In preparation for the IAU 2015 International Conference and discussions on the IAU 2016-2020 Strategic Plan, this issue presents the outcomes of the IAU GMA6 which took place in Montreal in May, introduces to the IAU 2015 International Conference which was hosted by the University of Siena end October , presents a selection of actions and initiatives developed by the IAU Members and related to Internationalisation and HESD and offers a series of tought-provoking papers on the theme: Leadership challenges and Strategic Management. We hope you ‘ll enjoy this issue. Please circulate to colleagues as you see fit.

Call for papers

The next issue of the magazine will focus on The blurring divide between public and private higher education: where does it lead? Please submit a proposal or your brief articles on this topic to the editor of the magazine, Dr. Hilligje van’t Land:

- for submission of paper proposals: 29 January 2016;
- for submission of papers (700 words max.): 15 February 2016.


IAU Calls

Important dates: Mark your Calendars!

IAU 2015 International Conference, Siena, October 2015

Report on IAU Board Meeting and IAU 2015 Montreal GMA 6

IAU 2016 General Conference

IAU Projects and activities; special focus on

  • Internationalization
  • HESD and the Post 2015 agenda

IAU Collaboration and Networking

IAU Membership news and news from Members

Become involved with IAU!

IN FOCUS section

Leadership challenges and strategic management

  • Leadership and strategic management, by Pam Fredman, Vice Chancellor, University of Gothenburg, and Marianne Granfelt, Secretary General, Association of Swedish Higher Education (SUHF) - Sweden
  • “From strategy definition to execution. Why and how”, by Angelo Riccaboni, Rector, and Francesca Trovarelli, Research Fellow, University of Siena, Siena - Italy
  • Governance and strategies leading towards a transborder higher education system, by Yutaka Tsujinaka, Executive Advisor to the President , University of Tsukuba, and IAU Administrative Board with Chiho Kabeya, Administrative Assistant, Office of Global Initiatives, University of Tsukuba and Luisa Gomez-Calanag, Coordinator for International Promotions (US), Office of Global Initiatives, University of Tsukuba - Japan
  • Put simply, we are in the wrong organizational vehicle for the 21st century, by Leith Sharp, lead faculty and program director, Executive Education for Sustainability Leadership, The Center for Health and the Global Environment, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health - USA
  • Governance and institutional leadership in higher education in India, by N.V. Varghese, Director, Centre for Policy Research in Higher Education (CPRHE), National University of Educational Planning and Administration (NUEPA) - India
  • Leading Globally Engaged Universities, by Robin Middlehurst and Tom Kennie - UK
  • Leadership and Management of a Complex University, by E. Nigel Harris, Vice- Chancellor, Emeritus, University of the West Indies, Chancellor, University of Guyana - Jamaica

New IAU publications and Publications received

Global Calendar of Events

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