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IAU signs a grant agreement with the Rockefeller Foundation of interest to its Members

RF and IAU IAU is pleased to announce the signature of a grant agreement with the Rockefeller Foundation (RF) to assist the Foundation with the development of the global outreach of the Rockefeller Bellagio Center Academic Writers in Residence Programme. This Programme offers academics a setting conducive to focused, goal-oriented work, and the opportunity to establish new connections with fellow residents from a wide array of backgrounds, disciplines, and geographies. RF seeks applicants with projects that contribute to discourse and progress related to advancing inclusive economies, and building resilience. To achieve these goals, which resonate with the IAU mission and vision, RF works at the intersection of four areas: Advance Health, Revalue Ecosystems, Secure Livelihoods and Transform Cities. Applicants with projects that may help shape thinking or catalyze action in these areas are strongly encouraged to apply.

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Contact: Astrid Salcedo

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