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HE and EFA Project (completed)

  • Higher Education (HE) for Education For All (EFA) - HEEFA Since the launch of the Education for All (EFA) goals, adopted within the Dakar Framework of Action at the World Education Forum in 2000, considerable political and social commitment have been harnessed to support this...
  • Portal on Higher Education/Research and Education For All (Maintenance stopped in January 2016) The HEEFA Portal is a collaborative platform to disseminate information of the work being undertaken by higher education in EFA-related fields and to build up a like-minded community...
  • HEEFA Reference Group: To accompany the 2011-2015 IAU Project on Higher Education for EFA, the 2008-2010 Reference Group expanded to include a greater number of viewpoints from non-OECD countries, with a particular emphasis given to Africa. Experts were selected based on...
  • International Meeting "HEEFA to SDG4: Building on Achievements" The Final Report of the International Meeting "HEEFA to SDG4: Building on Achievements" organised by the IAU, in partnership with the Jaume Bofill Foundation, has been released. The meeting took place in Barcelona...

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