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Global Higher Education Portal on Higher Education for Sustainable Development (HESD)

IAU Global Portal on Higher Education and Research for Sustainable Development (HESD)

The IAU Portal on HESD is a collaborative platform centralizing and disseminating information on activities and actions promoting sustainable development undertaken by Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) around the world.
The portal provides links to as many examples that HEIs can consult and use to develop their own strategies / activities / actions.

The HESD Portal is accessible online at:

Target Audience

  • The higher education community as a whole: higher education institutions, academia, students, HE administrators and other interested parties and/or contributors
  • All other interested stakeholders: intergovernmental organisations, NGOs, Ministries of Education, school administrators and teachers as visitors

Two types of use

  • The users: HE leaders, academics, administrators, students and other stakeholders can search for actions, projects, or documents; read the latest news and latest additions featured on the portal.
  • The contributors: HE leaders, academics, administrators, students and other stakeholders can share information and promote their work by entering related projects and documents, using the submission form.

Portal Content, in both English and French

  • Description of actions towards sustainability as undertaken by HEIs, organisations and the civil society;
  • A map geolocalizing HEIs and Organisations activively promoting sustainable development;
  • Database linking to key charts, declarations on HESD, other key documents;
  • Global Calendar of events

Why contribute?

The HESD Portal is a collaborative portal, it will be all the more useful if leaders, academics, students and other HESD stakeholders enter information on their projects, expertise, theses and publications, and share their news with the IAU Working Group on HESD. Your input is the key to success.

A second reason to contribute is: the portal is a direct contribution to the UNESCO Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development (UNESCO GAP). IAU is a key partner network to Priority Action 2: Transforming learning and training environments.

The portal offers your institution and your work to become know and shared. Become involved and send us information on the work you undertake to respond to the SDGs and the 2030 Development agenda.

Benefits for your university

  • full benefit for actions/documents/etc, submitted and
  • full visibility online and during the Conference and beyond.

Participation is free of charge with full visibility for IAU Members; your input will not be re-used without your prior consent.


Dr. Hilligje van’t Land, IAU Director Membership and Programme Development

Frédérique Herzog, IAU Programme Officer

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