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Dr. Hilligje van't Land appointed new Secretary General of the IAU

photo hvl As IAU President, I am pleased to announce that on September 1 2017, Dr. Hilligje van't Land will become the new IAU Secretary General. She will succeed Eva Egron-Polak who has occupied this position since 2002. Congratulations to Hilligje and best wishes to Eva as each embarks on a new phase in her life.

This appointment is made after a rigorous and open selection process undertaken by a Selection Committee which I chaired and which was composed of IAU Board members Prof. Stephen Freedman (USA) and Carmen Lamagna (Bangladesh). Mr. Tim Gore, Chief Executive Officer, University of London Institute in Paris acted as an advisor to the committee.

The decision was unanimous and we are delighted that Hilligje van't Land accepted the position. We have also agreed that Eva Egron-Polak will continue to assist the IAU leadership in several ways during the transition period.

Pam Fredman, IAU President

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