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Selected Bibliography on Equitable Access and Success in Higher Education1:


Access and equity: comparative perspectives / Heather Eggins. - Rotterdam : Sense, 2010 . - 169 p. References.Tables. - ISBN 9789460911842

The next 25 years : affirmative action in the United States and South Africa / David L Featherman, Martin Hall, Marvin Krislov, Eds. . - Ann Arbor : University of Michigan Press, 2010 . - 389 p. ISBN 978-0-472-03377-5
Abstract: This book explores the history and future place of affirmative action in higher education. Comparative essays describe debates in the United States and South Africa to elucidate the legal, political, social, economic and moral dimensions of affirmative action in higher education and its role in creating a more equitable society. While affirmative action policies have been restricted in the United States by the Constitution, in South Africa equity policies are legally required to address continuing disadvantage. The historic and legal contexts in which affirmative action arose in both countries is described and the key legal rulings concerning affirmative action policies at universities presented. The contribution of higher education participation to labour market access and social mobility is also examined. In South Africa, despite increasing participation by black students, a two-tiered higher education system persists. The book also explores research on the importance of student diversity on intellectual engagement, academic achievement and civic engagement. Finally, the book discusses whether there is a continued need for affirmative action.

The Perpetual Education Fund: providing higher education loans in the voluntary sector / Benjamin J. Lough . - In: International Journal of Educational Development, v. 30, no. 4, pp. 345-350, 2010 Incl. abstract, bibl. . - ISSN 0738-0593
Abstract : Although many strategies are proposed to reduce the opportunity gap in higher education between and within countries, student loans with cost recovery measures are often preferred during times of fiscal constraint. This study briefly reviews the benefits and challenges of student loans over other forms of financial aid and presents the case for voluntary sector involvement in contexts where government and market failures constrain effective solutions. It describes an innovative program that has emerged to meet this challenge - the Perpetual Education Fund. This program utilizes public-private partnerships, a large financial corpus, pre-existing administrative structures, personal relationships, local vocational schooling, and intergroup solidarity to administer loans and recover costs. Because voluntary sector participation in loan financing and administration is relatively new, the experiences and innovative survival strategies of this program have valuable implications for other emerging programs.

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  1. The different lists proposed below are neither exhaustive, nor representative. They serve as an interactive, dynamic listing of interesting projects, conferences, papers and/or organizations involved with access and success issues in several parts of the world. If you have recently attended an exciting conference on access, written or read an article/paper/dissertation or book on the topic and would like to share this, send us the information! 

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