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Administrative Board

Administrative Board:

Chaired by the IAU President, the Administrative Board is made of twenty elected and two ex officio members as follows: eighteen executive heads of member institutions and two heads of member organizations, the immediate past President and the Secretary General. A number of deputy members, from different regions and both categories of members are also elected. The Administrative Board meets annually, ensures that decisions of the General Conference are implemented and guides the work of the International Universities Bureau. Some of its work is carried out through various committees as groups such as, for example the Executive Committee, the Standing Committee on Membership Development (see below) and various specialized Working Groups (described elsewhere on the website). The term of tenure of the Administrative Board is four years.

Administrative Board 2016-2020

Biography of the IAU President and Administrative Board members


Immediate Past President

Full Board Members



Asia and The Pacific



  • Molly CORBETT BROAD, President, ACE (American Council on Education), USA
  • Roberto ESCALANTE SEMERENA, Secretary-General, UDUAL (Unión de Universidades de América Latina y el Caribe), Mexico (IAU Vice-President)


  • Hilligje van't Land, Hilligje van't Land, Secretary General and Executive Director, Ex-Officio, International Universities Bureau

Deputy Members


Asia and The Pacific



Honorary Presidents

  • Guillermo SOBERON, President 1980-1985, Former Rector, National Autonomous University of Mexico
  • Blagovest SENDOV, Acting President 1984, Former Rector, University of Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Justin THORENS, President 1985-1990, Former Rector, Université de Genève, Switzerland
  • Hans VAN GINKEL, President 2000-2004, Former Rector, Utrecht University, Netherlands; Former Rector, United Nations University, Japan
  • Goolam MOHAMEDBHAI, President 2004-2008, Former Secretary-General, Association of African Universities (AAU), Ghana
  • Juan Ramón DE LA FUENTE, President 2008-2012, Former Rector, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico

Standing Membership Development Committee

This Standing Committee is chaired by a member of the Administrative Board and includes only Board members. Its main function is to advise the Administrative Board and Secretary General on all matters related to membership development. More specifically, the Committee provides recommendations on admission policy, Membership categories and annual fees. It also helps to elaborate membership development strategies and examines how to improve membership retention though strong services offered by IAU. The Committee provides advice on specific admission cases brought to the Committee’s attention by the Secretary General or by the Director, Membership and Programme Development.

Members of the Standing Membership Development Committee 2016-2020:


  • To be named


  • To be named


  • Hilligje van't Land, Hilligje van't Land, Secretary General
  • Juliette Becker, Executive Assistant/Programme Officer

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