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Access and success

  • Equitable Access and Success in Higher Education has been one of IAU priority theme for the past five years. In 2008, the IAU General Conference adopted a new Policy Statement entitled Equitable Access and Success in Quality Higher Education (which has now been signed and...
  • 2010 / 2011 - Equitable Chances: IAU’s Actions to Promote Access and Success in Higher Education A new booklet, summarizing the IAU’s work on the theme of Equitable Access and Success in higher education was produced in 2011. Following the adoption of the Policy Statement...
  • This Working Group is chaired by a member of the Administrative Board and can, in addition to Administrative Board members, include experts from any IAU Member institution or organization. Building on the IAU policy Statement: Equitable Access, Success and Quality in Higher...
  • Selected Bibliography on Equitable Access and Success in Higher Education1: 2010: Access and equity: comparative perspectives / Heather Eggins. - Rotterdam : Sense, 2010 . - 169 p. References.Tables. - ISBN 9789460911842 The next 25 years : affirmative action in the United...

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