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IAU 14th General Conference

Higher Education and the Global Agenda – Alternative Paths to the Future




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Organized in partnership with the Inter American University of Puerto Rico, The IAU 14th General Conference offered both a thematic programme and a series of sessions on IAU Business.

The Thematic Conference allowed participants to examine how higher education and research responds to the many key challenges that are taken up on the Global Agenda.   During both the Plenary and Parallel Sessions, Higher Education Leaders analyzed what role and responsibilities higher education institutions have to respond to the Millennium Development Goals. 

Among other issues, they debated the various funding models adopted today and how these impact the developments of higher education around the world.  They debated as well new internationalization models and strategies.


IAU Business Sessions

During the General Conference, a Progress Report on the projects and activities undertaken from 2008 to 2012 was presented along with a proposed work program for 2012-2016. It is during the Business Sessions that the Outgoing Members of the IAU Administrative Board were celebrated and elections for the new President and new Members of the Administrative Board for 2012-2016 took place.


IAU was pleased to congratulate the Inter American University of Puerto Rico on its 100th Anniversary and was very pleased to be hosted in San Juan