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Ethics and Values in Higher Education in the Era of Globalization: What Role for the Disciplines?

IAU's annual international conference 2010 was organized in partnership with the Mykolas Romeris University, which also hosted the event.

Organized under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Lithuania, Ms. Dalia Grybauskait─Ś and in line with IAU’s mission and work, the IAU 2010 International Conference addressed a number of broad questions related to the concepts of ethics and values and their place in higher education. Among these, the conference sought to address how different disciplinary approaches could enrich each other and contribute to instilling and promoting value-based and ethical higher education. Participants were invited to debate how perspectives on these issues differ across cultures and whether the higher education community could envisage developing a global code of ethics for higher education. These and other fundamental issues were explored by keynote speakers and panelists in plenary and in parallel workshop sessions that dealt with the following topics:

  • Ethics and Values: Distinct and related Challenges of the Social Sciences, the Humanities and Technology
  • What Place for Enduring Higher Education Values in the Era of Globalisation;
  • Human Needs, Rights and the Dilemmas of Choice;
  • Safeguarding Values and Ethics in Higher Education: a Shared Responsibility;
  • Serving New Students: Diversity, Technology and other Challenges;
  • Towards an Interdisciplinary Global Code of Ethics for Higher Education? Closing Remarks;
  • Re-Inventing Rankings: in Search of Alternative Performance Assessment.

The Conference brought together institutional leaders as well as academics and researchers from all disciplines and from all countries. The aim was to compare and contrast and, most importantly, to find commonalities and bridges between the various discipline-specific concerns and challenges.

The Conference theme was significant for higher education globally, but it was also highly pertinent for higher education in Lithuania and for the Baltic region. Mykolas Romeris University also seized this opportunity to present the University and Lithuania’s higher education system to the world.