With more than 600 Member institutions from more than 120 countries, the institutional Members are at the heart of the life and work of the International Association of Universities (IAU). The IAU mission is to build a worldwide higher education community by offering a forum and a variety of services to higher education leaders who share common values and interests and who wish to exchange with their peers on issues of global concern. For your institution to become part of the global platform and benefit from IAU services, please complete and return to IAU the completed application form available below.

Application process

To apply for institutional membership please submit the Institutional Membership Application Form to Ms. Juliette Becker. The admission criteria (below) are strictly applied and please note that an incomplete application form will delay the review process.

The applications are reviewed at least once a month. If retained for Membership, the head of institution will receive an acceptance letter from the IAU Secretary-General explaining the formalities to complete to finalize Membership. These are:

  • Payment of the annual membership fees (Please see the table of fees below).
  • Signing and sending to IAU the letter of commitment on official institutional letterhead

Benefits of the Institutional Membership

Be part of the most representative association of a diverse higher education community worldwide
  • A UNESCO partner, uniquely positioned to collaborate with NUMEROUS international organizations
  • Influencing policy at the international level and helping Members have impact at home
  • An expert secretariat located in Paris at UNESCO headquarters
Demonstrate your commitment to a shared vision and your readiness to uphold IAU values
  • Academic freedom and institutional autonomy
  • Quality and excellence in learning, research and outreach
  • Ethical conduct and scientific integrity
  • Equitable access to and success in higher education for all
  • University as a public good, engaged with local, regional and global communities for economic, social, cultural and environmental sustainability
  • Higher education that values and appreciates diversity
Network with peers and colleagues from around the world to:
  • Share your knowledge and experience
  • Learn from other perspectives joined in a global platform
  • Form new partnerships for collective actions, research and advocacy
Become part of and strengthen IAU efforts to provide open access to knowledge and information about HE worldwide
Join and enrich global debates and dialogue on issues of importance to higher education and research
  • Participate in all IAU topical conferences
  • Get actively involved in the IAU governance and expert working groups
Boost your visibility in an increasingly vast and complex global landscape of higher education
  • Host IAU international conferences, workshops and special events
  • Showcase your achievements on the IAU website and portals (WHED, portal on Higher Education and Sustainable Development, and via all other IAU communication channels)
  • Display the IAU logo to demonstrate affiliation and support for IAU values and work
  • Take part in IAU sponsored or organized promotional events
Take advantage of professional development opportunities and advisory services

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Admission criteria

IAU institutional membership is open to institutions whose main objective is higher education and the development of knowledge. Applying Universities and other higher education institutions must:

  • be public or private not-for-profit;
  • be degree-conferring institutions;
  • be recognized by a national competent body or its equivalent;
  • have undergone, at the national or regional level, a process of quality assurance or accreditation, or, if such a process does not exist, be a member of a national or regional association of universities;
  • be dedicated to the study of several branches of knowledge*;
  • grant at least a three-year, first cycle or undergraduate degree;
  • have graduated at least three cohorts**;
  • be at the level of higher education, as shown by the active participation of their staff in scientific or scholarly research and by the equipment placed at their disposal;

*Exceptionally, the Administrative Board, acting under the provisions of Article 4 of the IAU Constitution, may admit institutions of high standing, which are concerned with only one specialized field of knowledge, as long as they meet all the other above-mentioned criteria.

**In order to allow newly established higher education institutions to become actively engaged in the work of IAU, and benefit from the services offered, universities and other HEIs having graduated at least one cohort may be granted Observer status until they fulfill the criterion of having graduated three cohorts, at which time they become full Member.

Annual Membership Fees

In order to demonstrate solidarity with universities and other HEIs based in low income countries, the IAU institutional mey mbership fee structure is based on a combination of institutional student enrollment and the Gross National Product (GNP) of the country (list of countries per category). The financial year at IAU runs from 1 October to 30 September.

Institutions Low Income Countries Middle Income Countries High Income Countries
Less than 1,000 Students 850 € (Euro) 1,200 € (Euro) 1,250 € (Euro)
Between 1,000-5,000 students 1,200 € (Euro) 1,500 € (Euro) 1,600 € (Euro)
Between 5,000-10,000 students 1,600 € (Euro) 2,150 € (Euro) 2,250 € (Euro)
More than 10,000 students 2,100 € (Euro) 2,750 € (Euro) 2,850 € (Euro)

For more information about Membership please contact Ms. Juliette Becker: j.becker(at) or +33 145684800.