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WHED Portal

The Portal.

The IAU WHED Portal (www.whed.net) is the International Association of Universities’ (IAU) latest reference tool on higher education systems, degrees and institutions around the world. Basic access allows all users to access the information contained in the portal, while an enhanced access (MyWHED) is offered to IAU Members. Enhanced access provides advanced search options, printing and extraction facilities.


The portal contains information on the education systems and credentials in over 180 countries, as well as information on some 18,000 institutions around the world.

Data on Systems and Credentials Using information made available by the national competent bodies in each country, the portal presents data on the education system of each country as follows:

• the overall structure of pre-higher and higher education system;

• the different stages of study;

• the national bodies responsible for higher education;

• the admission requirements (including for foreign students);

• the quality assurance/recognition system;

• student life;

• education level and entrance requirements;

• the main credentials offered.

Data on Institutions

Entries are selected on the basis of the information made available by the national competent bodies in each country. Information is then collected from those degree-granting institutions offering at least a post-graduate degree and/or a professional diploma in four years or more.
Institutional data comprises the following:

• general information;

• names of officers;

• list of academic divisions and study areas;

• degrees offered;

• student services and facilities;

• student and academic staff numbers.

World Higher Education Database (WHED) CD-ROM

The WHED CD-ROM has been replaced by the WHED Portal. The last CD-ROM was published in 2013.

IHU 2014 cover

International Handbook of Universities

International Handbook of Universities (IHU)

IHU_Cover The International Handbook of Universities was first published in 1959 in response to the growing demand for authoritative information about higher education institutions. It has grown considerably over the years in both the quantity and quality of entries, and includes higher education institutions that offer at least post-graduate degrees and/or four-year professional diplomas.

The Handbook:

• includes higher education institutions that offer at least post-graduate degrees and/or four-year professional diplomas;

• briefly describes the higher education system in each country;

• includes an index to fields of study;

• provides a list of regional and international higher education organizations.

The Handbook also offers enhanced access to the new WHED Portal, which provides for advanced search options, extraction and printing tools; access is valid for one year following publication of the Handbook.

A 50% discount is offered to all IAU Members – any Member of IAU wishing to benefit from this discount should mention this when ordering.

The 28th edition of the Handbook, published by Palgrave Macmillan, has just been released and can be purchased on the publisher's website here.

Warning - fake International Handbook of Universities

A fake version of the IAU-UNESCO International Handbook of Universities is currently being sold by a fraudulent company on Amazon and on a website purporting to be part of UNESCO.

Please be aware that the genuine 2017 edition of the Handbook, published by Palgrave Macmillan, can only be purchased on publisher’s website above. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Guide to Higher Education in Africa

African Guide 6 coverThe Guide to Higher Education in Africa contains details on the education system of 52 African countries as well as information on some 1,200 institutions of higher education. This publication is the result of a partnership established between the International Association of Universities (IAU) and the Association of African Universities (AAU) to jointly collect and disseminate information on higher education in the continent. A copy of the Guide is sent to all IAU Members in Africa.

The 6th edition of the Guide was released in 2013, and is available from the publishers of IAU reference works, Palgrave Macmillan.

Higher Education in ASEAN

ASEAN_Cover On the occasion of the IAU 15th General Conference (Bangkok, November 2016), a booklet entitled Higher Education in ASEAN was published. It showcases the higher education systems and institutions in the 10 ASEAN countries and provides a quick and comparable overview of the Higher Education landscape in the region. It is available online here.

To order a printed copy please contact: Amanda Sudic.

For any enquiries regarding the information in any of the above publications, please contact us at centre@iau-aiu.net.